A crap called linkdotnet

If you see this name then its my advise to stay clear from these people, dancom sold their company to these orascom guys for money, but i am not sure how long they'll be able to make money by running the company the way they are doing right now, their support is crappy and non existant, staff ( no words ) and best of all i tried to call them to close my dsl services and in return they keep telling me different numbers where i need to dial just to cancel my services ( my fault, i was a corporate client ) and finally after hectic effort the lady just hung-up the phone. Guess the way to shut your services at linkdotnet is to stop making monthly bill payments, this way the services can be closed ( one of their employee suggested ).

Bill gates is no more the wealthiest person on earth

the welthiest of allSo finally this morning Forbes has released its much anticipated list of the World billionaires, and guess what Bill Gates is no more at the top, this time its Buffets turn who is at the top backed by his investment arm of Berkshire Hathaway. Though he may not retain this post in the long run because of his commitment to donate most of his wealth to charity, specifically to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Another guy who might top the next years list is Carlos Slim of mexico, who is backed by the power of his telco coglomerate and ranked 2nd this year. Next comes the wave of Indians, Mittal retaining his rank along with long time foes, the Ambani brothers.

Interestingly 4 Indians dominate the 4 positions out of top 10 which shows the parity in rich and poor of this state. The next winners are the Russian oligarch.

Prince Waleed of Saudi Arabia is pushed back to 19th position, may be his citi gamble not working well this time, we'll see this after some time ;)
On a side note there are few tech guys and innovators who have made the list, the google guys are rocking along with the young 23 year old Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and not to mention Hind Hariri the daughter of the late Rafik Hariri who is the youngest female billionaire and inherited his construction and banking behemoth which is shared among his brother and sister.
In contrast this list highlight the power of money and those who have either got it by luck or by working hard no matter how much downturn the financial crisis bring. However it also highlight the huge rich/poor gap which exists in this world. According to some estimates these richest folks own 1% of the total world wealth.

uncompetitive and unsync staff

As mentioned in my earlier post of our recent bad experience with linkdotnet which is still going on ( 25 days ), i have come up with a conclusion. Un-trained and highly uncompetitive staff of this company withot any tiers of customer approach is the reason they will loose me tomorrow *i hope* when i'll swicth ISP to Maxcom as they are preparing our other phone line for dsl. Linkdotnet was not able to sort out problem in this huge time span and they had so many lame reasons as an excuse that i ran out of memory to count them.

The DSL Dilema

Our company was one of the satisfied user of Dancom online services since past two and a half years, but ever since Dancom and WOL are acquired by Orascom ( presumably linkdotnet ) things have changed, the support is getting worst, you need to hold on to your phone for 15 mins just to get in tocuh ( if you are lucky enough ). On the other hand support staff is unaware of what to do. The speed they commit has been severly downgraded and all they do is just send their bill on time.

I need to point out there needs to be a regulation authority who monitor when such mergers occur, orascom which is notorious for such tactics should be dealth with an iron fist , they have done this with mobilink previously, they are doing something similar to these two companies as well and i am sure like us their other corporate clients are also facing hardship.

Nomad - Custom designed t-shirts

 Finally after months of preparation, the flagship store of our design house named "NOMAD" is open where we will be selling custom designed t-shirts for men and women. The shop is located on 4th zamzama commercial lane next to United Mobile and showcase some creative work put forward by our designers in their past time.

The designs are made creatively with subtle humour and showcasing some funny side-ups to present a whole new idea and to denounce the fake brand culture of dolmen center with t-shirts tagging brand names all over them. Similarly socializing some topics through a simple yet unique "t-shirt message". The website named club-nomad.com will be completed soon while pics of the shop will be uploaded to the blog as soon as possible.

The t-shirts are priced nominal with a Rs. 399 price tag to promote custom wear tradition and denounce the fake brands which we proudly wear and advertise for no obvious reasons!

Nestle Nido, playing with the needs!

Recently our office staff purchased NIDO powdered milk for tea whitening instead of Everyday, upon consuming it for the first time it appeared as if something is wrong with it as the powderred milk is forming crystals instead of disolving. So the staff contacted the shopkeeper and interestingly instead of offering any refund or replacement they claimed that they have received a similar complain from some 3 to 4 people, however its strict company policy of Nestle not to offer any refund or replacement so he can't help or exchange the product.

It was very disappointing to hear that these multinational companies just know how to mint money out of ordinary and provide products which are sub-standard and not guaranteed to be in their original form, and this can only happen in Pakistan. There is no customer care contact number on Nido bag where a protest can be lodged. So these words are here just to make sure that a protest is registered, instead of sitting idle and accept the wrong practices conducted by Nestle.

Nestle is enjoying a good share of profits in Pakistan. Its milkpak brand is always in such a demand that they put its pricetag above all and most of the time its demand outrun the supply, same is parallel with other products like infant cereals and powdered milk where there is not much of a competition. These people even didn't stop minting money during the earthquake back in 2005, so you can't expect much.

The "Bhairchaal" effect

I just posted this in other forum and thought that this is something which speaks from my inside. After working with Goras for past 5 years, i realize their mentality and when i compare it with the masses the difference is very clear.  Most of the goras are honest in what they do, they are not emotional, but they are very dedicated, they are not cheaters but they do try to re-invent the wheel and when facts lie in front of you then they accept it.

When a Pakistani will stop cheating, stop stealing and become dedicated in what he/she do then they 'll be in par with all other nations.

Most Pakistanis follow others track, they never try to reinvent the road or make their own path. They set others as example everytime and thats what i call "bhairchaal".

If i'll start something and it becomes a success, the other day 100 people will line-up doing the same thing? Thats the mentality which persist here and without changing it we can't come in par with others.

My opinion is very realistic, by mentioning a bunch of people you can't pride yourself and start blaming "kay ager yai na hota to hum yai hotay". Thats rubbish!

In last 50 years give me a single innovation that has its name assciated with a Pakistani? And we still say "bohot talent hai hamary pass". Yes we have allot of talent and we keep it in pendora box? Stop day dreaming, you have nothing unless you prove it, so its useless to give yourself false hope.

Some of those who does something exceptional choose the wrong path. Take Agha hasan abidi, one who was considered best banker, with his skills he sky rocketted BCCI, and see what happened in the end? A FRAUD that tainted Pakistan with black color.


It is widely beleived and observed that we always follow some sort or pattern or logic in everything we do? i'v heard someone asking this question, whats the logic behind a successfull business. To answer it you have to follow several other logic or create your own logic because its not possible to provide any logic to this logic?

To maximize growth there are certain key elements that needs to be considered. However its not necessary that growth always is a result of logical explanation.

I'v read a story that google is increasing its headcount by almost doubling it every year and in reply to that Steve Balmer at microsoft exchanged his "All Guns at Google" reviews during a recent conference by pointing its disadvantages. So mr. Balmer google's per employee revenue is still 1 million dollar as compared to Microsoft's 300k any logical explanations to these?

Logoworks acquired by HP

A subsidiary of Logoworks shows a message that the company has been finally acquired by HP, seems like the heat is on in this sector and lets see how many more to go?

As the need for affordable logo design is in demand and companies like HP sees a much broader vision by expanding their core business to SME's through this platform, after all you'll be going to print your stationery after getting the logo? So this seems to be a perfect match.

Guess our company will be looking for opportunities after this as it has its firm feets in this business since 2002 and considered one of the best and oldest online logo design and corporate identity firm around.