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Obscure Words - A look into life from another perspective



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I know you all too, but just a careful reminder they will also terminate your DSL connection if your PAID phone bill is not forwarded properly by banks or nadra kiosks to them, my home dsl is down since 4 days, every other day there is a holiday and their dsl officer needs to be contacted by going to local exchange in order to reactivate your phone or dsl connection, now this is what i call an Internet company where nothing can be resolved online. I wonder we ARE living in a third world country so we should be accustomed to a third class service, period!
  • Worst service ever

    My landline connection is down for the last 32 days and no one even responded to attended it leave alone rectify it. The concerned AE of my area says daily for one week that we will attend today, after that one week he never lifts his phone. The website is such a pain that you never know how to contact a higher official to express your disappointment. All these BSNL people are one and the same govt. job lethargists right from the top to bottom they ensure to avoid customer compliants. I wish there an alternate service, but what to do our country is made like this by our useless politicians and the officials are also no less. Hope god helps me soon out of my frustation for I have no one approach.
  • That's baaaaaaaaad!
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    Thank you, good thing.
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    Excellent & thoughtful post.
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