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New website design project coming soon!

Happy New year, its been some time since i have posted something here, but now is the good time.

We were working on our new project since past few months. The website is all about branding and corporate identity creation. We have completed the logo design and website development sections of this website. Checkout the website and logo design work here. Originally the idea was to make the website for a specific demography, however after starting work we thought about implementing it on a global scale. The content and work you see right now is just for demo purposes. The new layout will be here shortly with hundreds of logo design and website design samples. Other areas which this website will cover includes flash and animated logo design, character design and illustration, brochure and newsletter design sections.

We love to hear your comments on the design work once it is ready. We are also very much excited and hope to complete all the design and database work by February this year.

Tags: animated, brochure design, flash, logo, logo design, newsletter, website design
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