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Zardari flirting with Sarah Pallin ?!?

Zardari flirting with Sarah Pallin ?!?

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Zardari would do what he did yesterday if Benazir was alive? Its been hardly 1 year since her death and Mr playboy or 10% is on his way to tarnish the name of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan by offering a hug to the Republican VP candidate on his UN tour. Whats so interesting is that he is touring as an all powerful president of Pakistan and this humor may cost him more then what he might have thought.

He might have improved his image by hiring an image consultant but who is going to teach him some diplomatic ways of greeting. Quaid-e-Azam rightly said that each successive President that Pakistan will get will be the worst of its kind!!
  • lets Talk about Faisal Bari

    A yong boy found dead in his bed room on Eid day in Buffer zone karachi. No one knows what was the cause of Faisal Bari death? His Family's suspecious activity making Faisal death more questionable. No family member knows how was died. As per sources he died on Eid day and his brother noticed his death on seconde day of eid. Many stories are flying in the air as know one yet knows the doctor and police reports.
    Any one of you have any information please post on this website. thanks
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