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all time favourite movies

all time favourite movies

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Thought about compiling my list of all time favourite movies. So here they are, its not final as i might have forgotten some good ones.

- Spy game - Robert Redford at his best! 

- Schindler's List 

- Constant Gardener

- Thomas Crown Affair - One of the best soundtrack

- Syriana

- Gladiator

- Munich 

- Austin Powers - The original one only! 

- BraveHeart - An epic with one of the best score! 

and not to forgot the Indian classic "Sholay"

image coutesy: Yahoo movies
  • Spy Game*Redford's character feels responsible for Pitt's landing in prison because he knows that the reason Pitt is there is a direct result of his attempting to free his love interest, whom Redford's character traded to the Chinese for a diplomat.
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