obscure_word (obscure_word) wrote,

A crap called linkdotnet

If you see this name then its my advise to stay clear from these people, dancom sold their company to these orascom guys for money, but i am not sure how long they'll be able to make money by running the company the way they are doing right now, their support is crappy and non existant, staff ( no words ) and best of all i tried to call them to close my dsl services and in return they keep telling me different numbers where i need to dial just to cancel my services ( my fault, i was a corporate client ) and finally after hectic effort the lady just hung-up the phone. Guess the way to shut your services at linkdotnet is to stop making monthly bill payments, this way the services can be closed ( one of their employee suggested ).
Tags: crap, dsl, internet, linkdotnet, orascom, services
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