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I know you all too, but just a careful reminder they will also terminate your DSL connection if your PAID phone bill is not forwarded properly by banks or nadra kiosks to them, my home dsl is down since 4 days, every other day there is a holiday and their dsl officer needs to be contacted by going to local exchange in order to reactivate your phone or dsl connection, now this is what i call an Internet company where nothing can be resolved online. I wonder we ARE living in a third world country so we should be accustomed to a third class service, period!

UAE Royal Sheikh Issa Tortures a person

Just saw this video on youtube, its very disgusting but again the west has got the chance of pointing guns on muslim world and islam, why because for every bad they see islam and muslim in it. This is clearly a stupidity by one person and western media has pointed guns on the faith.

I know these Arab shiekhs will rot, because apart from few they all are the same. Muslims will never learn and groas will never stop!

Here is a link

How to Run Two DSL internet connections simultaneously

We had our dsl services from Maxcom for which we were paying Rupees 7500 for a dedicated 1mb line. So i thought about purchasing another dsl connection on second phone line as i was not completely satisfied with the speed i was getting, so i bought a linkdotnet dsl line for our company after getting assurance that they have improved their quality ( see my last post about linkdotnet to get the earlier story ). After all the cost was 1400 rupess only for 2mb shared connection , but the speed i got was double that of maxcom, so far so good.

But keeping in view my previous experience was linkdotnet i though about degrading my maxcom connection and thought of using it as well by making dual connections instead of one so i can have some redundancy as well.

So i started doing some research and finally from AUnet got a linksys cisco 4 port vpn router with dual wan connection and VPN capabilities through which you can either share a dual internet connection via load balancing or make your second dsl line as backup line so in case one of them is down the router will shift the load to second connection. Please note that with this solution your overall bandwidth will increase but this will not increase your connection speed. As a result i was able to download a file last time at around 320kb/s by paying Rs.3500 combine for two shared connections then getting a download speed of 100k/s earlier by paying a hefty some of Rs.7500, so a saving of more then half with more then double bandwidth along with redundancy benefit of having two ISP's. This is ideal solution for small companies like mine . This solution involve only one time cost but you can cover that cost within few months.

I will also make a more detailed blog entry by explaining how to set this up, because its a bit tricky if you don't know how to configure your connections and router. I will also add some pictures as soon as i get some time.

National Bloggers Conference 2009 Karachi - Pakistan

Just went back home from the bloggers conference which was held in this city for the first time. Not sure about the enthusiasm of the host who made a point that this is the first bloggers conference in South Asia? But overall the effort made was worth appreciating and keeping in view the current atmosphere in the country , it needs to be appreciated.

Overall the bloggers who made their presentation were very well versed and their hard work was evident from their presentation and arguments which were very professionally made and most importantly they were to the point. The only big disapointment was the pro-mqm host who act stupid most of the time and i was barely able to understand what he was buzzing all the time. The lady host was great however!

As per our Pakistani culture the conference started late that is after more then one hour. The chief guest was IT minister of Sindh who seemed more enthusiastic in presenting the laptop gift to young girl then the overall conference. The girl was deserving though as she had made a mark by completing several courses at only 11 years of age, but again i was unable to link that aspect with the blogging conference.

Anyway, Mr. Cowasjee was there as well, he woke up late and forgot to change his night suit and shorts. The man was there to make a point, not sure what that was though :)

Mr. Farooq Sattar , the chief guest arrived at around 6:30pm, mind you the conference time was 4:00pm

Coming back to the conference, the topics were widely  organized with categories of speaker who covered topics such as introduction to blogging, free speech and technology blog. Similarly the photo blog covered by Mr. Raja Islam was the most entertaining part of the conference which gave the hall some time to cheer and he got his share of applause for his work.

Similarly the comments made by PASHA chief were more personal then engaging. But again some points made were very positive.

The Urdu blog presentation by the last speaker was not allowed to have his share of time, he got the same treatment our national language got in this country, he was the last one to come in, made good points in his brief presentation, however much more was expected to be heard from him but the poor man had to cut back his time as Mr. Sattar was in a hurry....

This is a short commentary but i again feel that this is the right step in the right direction, if you eliminate some politics which was discussed by some politicians in the conference, i believe overall this was a great effort!

New website design project coming soon!

Happy New year, its been some time since i have posted something here, but now is the good time.

We were working on our new project since past few months. The website is all about branding and corporate identity creation. We have completed the logo design and website development sections of this website. Checkout the website and logo design work here. Originally the idea was to make the website for a specific demography, however after starting work we thought about implementing it on a global scale. The content and work you see right now is just for demo purposes. The new layout will be here shortly with hundreds of logo design and website design samples. Other areas which this website will cover includes flash and animated logo design, character design and illustration, brochure and newsletter design sections.

We love to hear your comments on the design work once it is ready. We are also very much excited and hope to complete all the design and database work by February this year.

Zardari flirting with Sarah Pallin ?!?

Zardari would do what he did yesterday if Benazir was alive? Its been hardly 1 year since her death and Mr playboy or 10% is on his way to tarnish the name of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan by offering a hug to the Republican VP candidate on his UN tour. Whats so interesting is that he is touring as an all powerful president of Pakistan and this humor may cost him more then what he might have thought.

He might have improved his image by hiring an image consultant but who is going to teach him some diplomatic ways of greeting. Quaid-e-Azam rightly said that each successive President that Pakistan will get will be the worst of its kind!!

all time favourite movies

Thought about compiling my list of all time favourite movies. So here they are, its not final as i might have forgotten some good ones.

- Spy game - Robert Redford at his best! 

- Schindler's List 

- Constant Gardener

- Thomas Crown Affair - One of the best soundtrack

- Syriana

- Gladiator

- Munich 

- Austin Powers - The original one only! 

- BraveHeart - An epic with one of the best score! 

and not to forgot the Indian classic "Sholay"

image coutesy: Yahoo movies

Harnessing an opportunity

Everyone says opportunities come by luck, well i believe with luck there is also a factor involved which is called willingness. If you are committed then opportunities will come by itself. Talking about opportunity i am taking it in general terms whether its a job opportunity, a project opportunity or opportunity given to complete any task.

An example which i have tried myself many times works brilliantly. This also involves the willingness factor as well. I called it "critigation" which is combination of word critique and suggestion/solution. What involves here is to find a gap and then suggesting the solution in filling it. Let me provide you a good example.

As most people apply for job, what they do is pretty same what company ask them to do, fill an application form provide documents and all the other blah's...Now what the job seeker do is fulfilling the requirements that are put against them by filling up the open holes. So far so good, but in the end what company gets is a solution provider, not innovator.

In real world scenarios the problem isn't the same because sometimes you need to identity the problem and then propose a solution. So why always asking for a solution for a problem which is already identified? So will you hire an identifier and a filler both?

Now talking about "Critgation" my self invented term ( patents pending :) ) the approach should be a different one wherever applicable. What i suggest is to build up some willingness to grab the opportunity. By explaining this i will say if you find a problem somewhere ( not necessarily related to you ) but if you can identify the problem and have a solution to it then don't ever hesitate to share it with the concerned person, i am 110% sure the opposite side will be willing to give you an opportunity to solve it, because after all you are the one who have identified the problem, it was not a pre-written task, right?

If you take this case from a different perspective i would suggest that from an employer's perspective the hiring procedures should not concentrate entirely on how a candidate provides a solution to a task, but instead it should concentrate on encouraging the candidates to identify the problem first and then providing a solution. This can be engaged without writing anything on a paper nor it requires a degree. Simple willingness to work and in depth information of the system is enough you need to figure out by talking about it with the employee.

From an employee's point of view ( considering he see his career as a brand visualizer ), lets say if he see an ad campaign for a company by an ad and branding agency and see a potential problem in the branding strategy of the company or any element which it lacks then he can grab this task and turn it into opportunity by moving forward this problem along with a concrete idea to rectify this issue with a valid solution and execution sample backed by solid examples to justify it. I bet this person don't even have to ask the company to employ him, they will make the offer themselves.

The only thing important is to never hesitate in making a proactive approach. Its not necessary that you only apply to companies which ask you to apply. With your abilities you can turn a proactive approach into an opportunity. The only need is to identity one!